CCH’s Coding Comply™ is your one-stop, timesaving resource to help you with your medical coding needs. Within Coding Comply, you simply search by code number, description or date to see any changes from 2003 to the present. You can even link to applicable CMS Transmittals, Local Coverage Determinations (formerly LMRPs), CCI edits, revenue codes, and additional guidance documents. Also available are downloadable files that will give you the history of an entire code set and a second file that will give you just what is active as of today. Coding Comply helps you immediately understand changes for optimal reimbursement, as well as help you ensure compliance—all in one resource!

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Physician Fee Schedule
Clinical Lab Fee Schedule
ICD-9-CM Vol. 1: Diagnostic
ICD-9-CM Vol. 3: Procedural

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The April 1, 2016 updates for the APC code set are available in Coding Comply. These updates include 27 new codes, over 250 modified codes, and two deleted codes. To view these additions and modifications, go to the Search Code Sets tab in Coding Comply, de-select the Return active codes effective as of: box, then select the APC code set, select Added and/or Modified and/or Deleted for Filter Actions, in the Start Date enter 04/01/2016 and click Search.

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